Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Bering Sea"

Hello, to my small following of readers:

The chapters of the online novel, The Bering Sea, will no longer be available online. For those of you who have been following it, I thank you. You helped give me motivation and inspiration to continue writing. Writing fiction is so hard today. Life is so agonizingly complex and obligations so very pressing and extreme. Writing creatively, even something as 'true' as The Bering Sea, requires an isolation and focused intensity of thought which our social order does not want to allow. The people around me, almost one and all, ask the same question continuously: 'What is wrong?' What is wrong, is that I am not here. I am away in the novel. I am lost in the art form. I am writing or thinking, and then writing some more. I am writing and editing, then editing some more. I do not have the ability to always draw myself down. I cannot remove myself from the high adventure of the story, without losing the threads of the story. There are fourteen vital characters at play in the novel. They all have their own identities, personalities and stuff happening around them. It is a complex world I have woven. I cannot live in both worlds at the same time, so I am constantly moving from one to the other. While driving, yesterday, I was asked where I was going. I was in the novel, mentally. All I could think to say was 'that way,' as I pointed straight ahead. I had no clue as to where I was going or why I was going there.

If you are one of those forty or fifty people who want to know how the novel ends, as there are six more chapters to go plus an epilogue (this novel only ends for a moment, as the story continues on) then you will have to send me a note or email with your address in or on it. I will hard copy the remaining pages and send them to you in the mail. I will do that at my expense, because I owe you. I owe your for you continued loyalty, comments and care about my story and characters. Quite possibly, even your care of me.

Thank you. This blog will return to the political questioning and commentary I was involved with before I interrupted it with the online publishing of this novel.

I remain,

Most Sincerely,

James Strauss

P.S. My email address is: My physical address is: 507 Broad St. Lake Geneva, WI 53147

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  1. Please send me the end of the book. Thank you very much for your all your efforts in getting this online book out to us expeditiously and in a timely fashion, even when the chips were down. Looking forward to THE END of The Bering Sea. Is it published somewhere else?